A Damaged Car Frame Needs Collision Repair in Tulsa Ok


The frame of your car is just as important to your car as the foundation is to your house. If it isn’t safe and secure, neither is your car. Simply because you can’t see the damage, doesn’t make it any less important.


For years, cars made in America were built on a frame, making them more rugged and sturdy. Today though, the vehicles coming in for collision repair in Bixby Ok are built on a unibody, making the whole body integrated.


When buying a used car, you should always have a professional check the car over from top to bottom. This includes the interior, the mechanics and the body of the vehicle. If a car has had collision repair in Jenks, OK, there could be frame or structural damage that has been patched up. People have been known to buy, repair and resell used cars and not tell the buyer about such damage. If it has not been repaired correctly, it can be dangerous to drive.


When there is frame or structural damage, or damage to any part of the vehicle that is considered a part of the vehicle’s main structure, it can be compromising to the integrity and safety. So, any collision repair in Broken Arrow Ok that could affect the frame or structural damage are:


  • Any suspension mounting location that cannot be removed
  • Lower frame rails
  • Any upper frame rails
  • A, B, C pillars on a unibody construction
  • Windshield
  • Rear window frames
  • Rocker panels


If any components are bolted on, they are not considered to be part of the car's frame or structure and may not belong there. An experienced mechanic will recognize this and can advise you accordingly.