Before You Move To Tulsa


According to Forbes, Tulsa is one of “America’s Most Affordable Cities”. It is full of Southern Hospitality while emitting a cosmopolitan feel. So, if you’re planning a move to Tulsa, what can you expect to find here: Let’s take a quick look!


First of all, Oklahoma is known for its natural gas and oil, but there is so much more here, too. Oklahoma has aerospace, healthcare, telecommunications and transportation. Whatever the economics throw at it or take away, they have found ways to diversify and keep on going.


Situated right in the middle of Tornado Alley, the weather in Oklahoma is always changing. You may wear a hat and scarf to work that morning but you’ll be putting on the shorts when you get home.

You’ll find it pretty easy to get around with numbered streets running east and west and the streets running north and south are alphabetical. If you do get lost, don’t drive and talk – pull over and get directions. Don’t do a u-turn, either. Take your time and go up a block, circle around and come back. Most Tulsan’s say they get to work in less than 30 minutes.


It’s a Big Set of Hands


Tulsa is home to Oral Roberts University and they have placed a 30-ton sculpture set of hands in the praying position on their campus. Where is Oral Roberts University? Look for the big hands! Also, just like any southern town, football is here. Pigskin is a serious matter in these parts.


The BOK has some big names dropping by to perform from the likes of Miranda Lambert and Nine Inch Nails. If you’re looking for some old school tunes, “The Home of Bob Wills” is right here at the historic Cain’s Ballroom where you can boot scoot your night away on the spring-loaded dance floor made from maple.


Different Languages and Cheap Gas


Tulsa was the landing spot for many Native Americans that walked the trail of tears and by the name of the cities and the counties, you’ll know right away you’re in Indian Country: Broken Arrow, Catoosa, Creek, Owasso, Muskogee, Okmulgee, Osage and Sapulpa. While you’re driving around checking out those cities and counties, the gas around Tulsa is always below the national average!


Casinos, Zoo and More


We have Casinos and the Tulsa Zoo, too. If you’re hungry, there is no shortage of places to eat. When it isn’t football season, we have great baseball action going on, too. You’ll find that there is as much to do outdoors as there is indoors around Tulsa. Welcome home neighbor!