Broken Arrow Oklahoma Has Military History


In 2013, a Military History Museum was opened in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. One may wonder just what kind of history could a place like Broken Arrow have in the realm of the Military. Well, it turns out, quite a bit actually.


Here you will find a Navy Cross and many other artifacts that were a part of what Oklahoma is about and part of what is the United States of America. Retired Air Force Col. Robert W. Powell has collected and donated his own artifacts to make this museum one that everyone can enjoy and learn from.


He is responsible for organizing veterans' reunions in remembrance of World War II and while the museum started out at Memorial High School and then was relocated throughout northeastern Oklahoma, it would find its permanent home in Broken Arrow in 2011. It was set up in the old Franklin Hospital building that the city purchased from the Broken Arrow school district. After approximately $300,000 was spent to renovate the building, the museum has become a draw of not just visitors, but locals, too.


There are over 2,000 artifacts portrayed that show a military history from as far back as the Civil War era with a large focus around Oklahoma soldiers. The exhibits are arranged chronologically by war and feature everything from communication radios to uniforms and more.