Got a Dent Today:  Maybe Paintless Dent Repair in Tulsa Is Possible
Did your car or truck get a mystery dent today? Or, maybe you had a small fender bender accident? Finding paintless dent repair in Bixby won’t be too hard, they are all over the place. 
However, finding a good paintless dent repair in Broken Arrow that you can trust may be hard. This is a business that many people will try, but if they aren’t experienced and have a solid reputation, you may wish you’d have left well enough alone. 
There are some local chains or national chains of paintless dent repair in Jenks, and then there are the individual owned ones, too. It doesn’t really matter which one you go to either, they all have great shops and not-so-great shops. It can be a hard decision to select a body repair shop when they all “seem” the same. Here we offer some tips on how to choose the right repair shop for you:
1). Ask about their experience and length of time in business.
2). What services do they offer while your vehicle is in the shop? 
3). Because they are all over the place, choose one close and convenient to you.
4). Choose one that has days and hours that are convenient for you.
5). Will they work directly with the insurance company? 
6). What is the average turn-around time of repairs? 
If a shop is a specialty in one make of car, ask if they take all cars. If you have a special car, make sure you take it to a factory authorized body shop that uses nothing but factory paint and parts. Having your BMW wrecked is bad enough on the value, but to find out when you go to sell it later that it has some off-brand parts can be even more devastating. 
Shop three or four different shops and choose the one that has more pluses for your likes and needs than not. If you are just “okay” with what they offer, you aren’t going to be happy with the finished results.