How it is Determined Your Wrecked Car Can be Fixed at a Tulsa Collision Repair Specialist


What happens if you get rear-ended by somebody and extensive damage is done to your car?

In most cases, it is up to the insurance company as to what to do and if you have any options for which Bixby collision repair specialist you should go to.


Sometimes the options are take your car to a Jenks collision repair shop to have it repaired or they can total the vehicle and write you a check for the current value. You wonder is the repaired car safe after that? There are many that say no, you need to have it totaled. What the insurance company is looking to determine is if the cost of repairs is more than the value of the car in good condition prior to the accident.


If the Broken Arrow collision repair shop tells the insurance company that the repair will cost more than the value of your car, or it can’t be repaired, they will offer you a lump sum amount to pay you and then they will total it. Safe condition of a repair is determined by whether the frame is bent.


In most cases, if it is bent, the frame can be straightened out and the car fixed. It will be perfectly fine to drive, but resale is another matter. It will depend on the make, model and year of the car and how picky a potential buyer may be.


In some cases, an insurance company will total the vehicle, hand you a check, and then let you buy it back for little money. This varies from company to company, state to state, so always ask if you’re interested.