It’s Not Just a Crack: Get to a Professional Auto Body Repair in Tulsa Now


When it comes to the windshield of your vehicle, a crack is not “just a crack” and you need to take it to a professional auto body repair shop in Bixby immediately. It can be creating an unsafe driving situation for you, your passengers and even other vehicles on the road. How? Once a vehicle’s windshield condition is cracked cared in any depth, such as a rock chip or crack, it becomes weaker. A weak windshield is in possible danger of pushing in or bursting.


Most windshield damage is caused by rocks flying up from passing big semi-trucks and their trailers. Then there are the cracked windshields from accidents or storm damage such as hail, a common issue in this area of the country.


The majority of us will just simply deal with it because we don’t want to file it on our insurance, but when you look at the possibilities that can happen when you have a chipped or cracked windshield, you may see it differently. Such as if you have an accident and you airbags pop. A cracked windshield most likely won’t hold up to the pressure. It could break or be pushed out. These are reasonable reasons you should take your vehicle to a professional auto body repair shop in Jenks.


You may not realize that your vehicle’s windshield is a protection for you in case of a rollover. They keep the roof in place, which could save your life. On a sunny day, a cracked windshield can cause sun glare directly in your eyes, creating temporary blindness that can lead to an accident.


There are DIY kits to repair chips and cracks yourself, but in most cases, it has been found they are more challenging that the package indicates or they don’t last long. Taking your car to a professional auto repair shop in Broken Arrow is the best option. Many will do the work for the cost of your deductible so that you won’t have to file a claim.