Jenks Oklahoma – Home of the Oklahoma Aquarium


Since 2003, the Oklahoma Aquarium has been dedicated to educate and inspire the public about conserving the aquatic world. The founders of this non-profit institute feel that with the earth surface being over 70 percent water, they can accomplish this by way of interactive discovery they offer. The educational programs and exhibits they offer show visitors just how important the lakes, oceans, rivers and streams are to the planet.


The Oklahoma Aquarium has over 100 exhibits that include many types of ocean life as well as local animals and fish. Among the exhibits you’ll find include jellyfish, seahorses and sting rays and in the Hayes Family Ozark Stream exhibit, you can find the popular river.


The Siegfried Families Shark Adventure is the largest of all here which features a fish tank that is almost 500,000-gallons. Visitors can see lemon sharks, nurse sharks, tiger sharks and the largest bull sharks in captivity. You’ll find yourself feeling fully immerged as you enter the walk-through tunnel which is domed into this amazing shark adventure.


The AEP-PSO Extreme Amazon exhibit is a must-do for the adventurous child. It has places for kids to crawl through and pop-up spots to be explored with exotic fish and iguanas. The aquarium is a great place for a child’s birthday party as it can be rented out for private use.