To Get a Professional PDR Job, There Are Several Paint and Body Shops in Tulsa


PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair as it is more commonly known, is the process of removing or repairing small dents on vehicles and not have to repaint the whole thing. In years past, no matter how small a dent was, paint and body shops in Jenks would have to make the repair and then repaint the entire vehicle so that the paint would match. This was done if the dent was from an accident or from hail damage, which is common in this part of the country.


While having a small dent on your vehicle doesn’t affect how it is driving, it does take away from the looks of your car or truck. Most of us do not want to drive a car with dents or scratches, so finding paint and body shops in Bixby that have a good reputation is important.


There are packages that sell the special tools needed to do a PDR yourself, and if you are prone to have dents and dings, it may be worth the investment and time to learn how to do it. Because of insurance deductibles, some people will try to do a repair themselves only to end up making it look even worse. Then they end up taking it to one of the many professional paint and body shops in Broken Arrow anyway.


Yet, if your car is brand new or a unique and special car, you would be wise to choose a professional body shop that does the paintless repairs. They will be certified, experienced, licensed and even better, the work will come with a guarantee and warranty.